Sub-Array Pointing (total 1)

# Project Right Ascension [degrees] Declination [degrees] Beam Number SubArray Pointing Identifier Measurement Type Target Name Start Time Duration [s] End Time Number Of Correlated DataProducts Number Of BeamFormed DataProducts Observation Processing
1 LT5_009 277.3822 48.7464 0 733667 Target 3C 380 2016-11-25 15:45:32 0.0 2016-11-25 15:45:32 162 0 show Correlator

Target Name

Name of the target of the sub-array pointing as specified in MoM.


Declination of the associated sub-array pointing.

Start Time

Start Time in UTC.

Project Information

contactAuthorJelic, Vibor
primaryInvestigatorde Bruyn, A G
projectDescriptionThe LOFAR EoR project


Project code identifying the project/proposal the data belongs to.

SubArray Pointing Identifier

Information about which patch of sky was observed.

Number Of BeamFormed DataProducts

The number of BeamFormedDataProduct(s) produced by this Pipeline or Observation, click to show

End Time

End Time in UTC.

Number Of Correlated DataProducts

The number of CorrelatedDataProduct(s) produced by this Pipeline or Observation, click to show.

Right Ascension

Right Ascension of the associated sub-array pointing.


Duration in seconds.

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