Below is a small help section, for more help on this web service see the Lofar wiki


How to login ?

Click the login link on the top of the screen (below the banner). Use the login form to fill in your username and password.

How to set a project ?

Click the project link on the top of the screen. This will show all the projects. Click on a project name to set a project. Only projects that you are allowed to set are clickable.

How to find your data ?

There are two routes to find your data. To search for it, or to show the latest data products. Click on the Search link on the top of the screen to open the search form. Or click on the Show Latest link to view the latest data products in the archive.

How to find public data ?em>

Click the project link on the top of the screen and select project "ALL". Queries can now be defined on all public meta-data. Note that data retrieval is only possible after expiration of the release-date of a given project.

Lofar Archive Help

At the top of the page you can click the following links :

  • Home - The start page
  • Help - These help pages
  • login - click to login (between parentheses the current user is shown)
  • project - click to get a list of all projects (between parentheses the current project is shown)
  • Search - The search page, a product must be chosen to search on
  • Latest - List the latest entries of a given product

On the search page the Archive can be queried for a combination of attributes. Each attribute will show a popup with information. The possible query attributes depend on the product chosen.

If the query does not give any results or there is an error in the input, the query form is shown. Otherwise the resulting products are shown.

If you are authorized you can request to stage files by selecting the checkboxes next to a DataProduct and click "stage selected". If you are not authorized there will be a greyed out checkbox, if there is no file in the archive there will be no checkbox.

Advanced users can use the dbview web service of the production and test environment to view and query all tables in the archive database.

For any questions please contact sos[at]