CoherentStokesBeam (total 1)

# Project Pointing Right Ascension [degrees] Pointing Declination [degrees] Offset Right Ascension [degrees] Offset Declination [degrees] Stokes Sampling Time [s] Channel Width [Hz] Channels Per Subband Dispersion Measure SubArray Pointing Identifier Beam Number Number Of Subbands Station Subbands Central Frequencies
1 LT10_015 5.596616 0.42666 0.0 0.0 Yim 5e-06 195312.500000 1 0.0 964625 0 20 20 20

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Channel Width

Width of a single frequency channel.

SubArray Pointing Identifier

Information about which patch of sky was observed.

Channels Per Subband

Number of channels per subband, reflecting the frequency resolution of the data.


Project code identifying the project/proposal the data belongs to.

Project Information

contactAuthorTan, Chia Min
primaryInvestigatorTan, Chia Min
projectDescriptionTiming of LOTAAS Pulsar Discoveries