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# Project Release Date Pipeline Name Pipeline Version SAS Id Pulsar Selection doSinglePulseAnalysis Strategy Name convertRawTo8bit subintegrationLength [s] skipRFIExcision skipDataFolding skipOptimizePulsarProfile skipConvertRawIntoFoldedPSRFITS runRotationalRAdioTransientsAnalysis skipDynamicSpectrum skipPreFold Source DataProduct All Dataproducts Pulsars
1 LT10_015 2020-10-14 J2122+24/PULP n/a 729451 Pulsars in observation specs, file or SAP 0 Pulsar Pipeline 0 -1.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 show show 0


Project code identifying the project/proposal the data belongs to.

Pipeline Name

Name of the pipeline as given in MoM.

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Project Information

contactAuthorTan, Chia Min
primaryInvestigatorTan, Chia Min
projectDescriptionTiming of LOTAAS Pulsar Discoveries

Strategy Name

Name of the observation/pipeline temoplate used.


Unique ID corresponding to the "L"-number (SAS-ID) in all systems.

Release Date

Date at which the data within the project will be publically released (still active projects may move backwards)

Pipeline Version


Source DataProduct

Show the source DataProduct(s) of this Pipeline.